Software for PDF Signatures with the Mobile Phone Signature

Software for Signatures According to PDF-AS

Sign PDFs Online

Select one of the following external providers for the creation of PDF signatures according to PDF-AS.

  • Position signatures
  • Mobile Phone Signature and various smart cards
  • Manage signature folders online
  • Submit documents for signature via e-mail
  • Find detailed information at:
Accessible positioning of PDF signatures
  • Accessible positioning of PDF signatures
  • Support for optional automatic positioning
  • Mobile Phone Signature and various smart cards
  • Support for various foreign cards from European countries

Verify Online

Verify signatures of electronically signed documents using the external tool listed below.

Please note: The new PDF-based signature format PAdES does not require a Manifest ("M") any more. The Manifest is relevant for PDF signatures according to the PDF-AS format only. When verifying PAdES signatures, the Manifest field is therefore greyed out in the displayed result page (see screenshot below). This will change with the upcoming release of the signature-verification tool, which will omit the Manifest field at all. PDF documents signed according to PAdES are valid.

Starting with the beginning of November 2014, PAdES will be gradually integrated into existing e-government components. This affects mainly PDF signing-software such as PDF-AS, PDF-Over, the Austrian Mobile Phone Signature, as well as the citizen card software (CCS) MOCCA/Online-BKU and a.sign client.

Conversion to the new signature format is another step towards standardization, interoperability, and sustainability of signed documents and significantly facilitates their verification with tools such as Adobe Reader. Furthermore, Austria is well-prepared for the EU Regulation on trust services (eIDAS Regulation), which will be enforced in less than two years.

This service is provided by the Rundfunk & Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH (RTR). By pressing the button "Verify signatures now", you will be redirected to the external RTR website.


PDF-Over for Card and Mobile Phone Signature enables you to electronically sign PDF documents locally on your computer.

Download of Version 4.1.19 from Jul 04th 2018:
(approx. 15 MB to 50 MB, depending on the operating system)

Windows Windows Installer
MacOS MacOS DMG Image
Linux Linux JAR file

System requirement: Java version 7 or higher.

Author: A-SIT, Terms of licence A-SIT


An online service to upload PDF files and sign them using mobile phone signature in the PDF-AS format.


An online service to prepare and send Documents. It supports signature creation using mobile phone signature signatures are in the PDF-AS format.


SignOnline is a tool for the creation and verification of PDF signatures. The tool is available as web application and as add-on for Google Docs.

Web Application

Access the SignOnline web application to sign documents with your Mobile Phone Signature and to verify signed documents.

Add-on for Google Docs

SignOnline is also available as add-on for Google Docs. This add-on enables you to create PDF signatures with your Mobile Phone Signature directly in your Google Docs working environment.

Click here to install the SignOnline add-on for Google Docs.

Software for Adobe Signatures

Sign PDFs Online

Select one of the following external providers for the creation of PDF signatures according to Adobe Signatures (PKCS#7).

  • Position signatures
  • Support for Mobile Phone Signature
  • Support for invisible signatures
  • Send signed documents by e-mail
  • Find detailed information at:

Online Tool

An online service for the verification of Adobe signatures. This service is provided by the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR).

Windows 8 Mobile Signature App

A PDF signature solution using the mobile signature in a Windows 8 app. This application is developed and maintained by the company BPC. Available in German language only.

System requirements: Windows 8 or higher


A mobile PDF signature solution for Android mobile phones. This application is provided by Langkamp-IT.


System requirements: Android 2.2 or higher

Attention: Security of the mobile phone signature depends on users' measures. Security is significantly increased if separate devices are used for receiving the SMS and the viewing / signature process.