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Citizen Card Software

The Citizen Card requires a separate Citizen Card software (Citizen Card environment, CCE) in order to run. (If not started, you will get an error message that the site cannot be displayed.) Note, that the Java-applet version of the Citizen Card software will be depreciated by end of 2017, as most browsers already depreciated its Java applet support.
The table below provides an overview of available Citizen Card software:

  Free-of-charge Windows MacOS Linux Download
Mocca (uses Java) yes yes yes (10.7 or higher) yes Download
A-Trust yes yes no no Download
trustDesk basic no yes yes yes Download
hotSign no yes no no Download


The BMDW recommends Mocca software for the Citizen Card. It is free-of-charge, platform-independent (Java) and can be installed and started directly from here. (Note: a MOCCA CA certificate must be installed in your browser after installing this software. A dialog is started in the browser after MOCCA is installed. The CA certificate can also be installed later as described in the MOCCA Help pages).

You can install MOCCA simply through this link.

Citizen Card Software MOCCA During installation, a Citizen Card environment icon is created automatically (pictured right) on the Desktop and a Start Menu entry is created (under e-Government). To view MOCCA help files, start MOCCA and right-click on the MOCCA symbol in the menu bar. You can also view them in your browser at http://localhost:3495/help/.

Java Cache Viewer: This allows you to uninstall (delete), update or manually start MOCCA (e.g. with a local firewall or a new Java version).

A-Trust Citizen Card Environment

Citizen Card Software A-TrustAs an alternative to MOCCA, you can use the Citizen Card software from A-Trust
Download (7 MB)

System requirements:

The entire installation is carried out by the a.sign full installer.

BDC Citizen Card Environment

Citizen Card Software A-TrustAnother Citizen Card software is hotsign from BDC:

System requirements:

  • Windows

IT Solution Citizen Card Environment

Citizen Card Software A-TrusttrustDesk is available from IT Solution.:

System requirements:

  • Windows, MacOS, Linux

Electronic Signature

PDF Signatures

For PDF signatures, we have a separate page under: PDF Signatures


CCECitizen Card Encrypted

Download (Author: A-SIT, Terms of licence A-SIT)

For smartcard or software certificates

CCE enables you to encrypt files and folders and place them in containers. For decryption, you can use your smartcard(at the moment the various versions of the austrian Citizen Card) as well as software-keys. Since Version 3, CCE does not require a Citizen Card environment anymore.


Available for: Windows Apple MacOS Linux

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