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For general questions regarding Citizen Card or Mobile Phone Signature, please contact the Citizens' Service of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance

You can find all relevant contacts here: Hilfe bei Problemen mit der Handy-Signatur.


In case of problems or open questions, you are also welcome to ask a question in the forum.


If you want to lock your Mobile Phone Signature or Citizen Card, please call the A-Trust revocation service.

Phone: 01 715 20 60 (round the clock)

Note that you can suspend or revoke your Citizen Card or Mobile Phone Signature to lock it.

  • Revocation: Revocation permanently deactivates the Citizen Card functionality of your card or mobile phone. Revocation is only possible if you know your revocation password. Instead of calling the revocation service, you can also fax a form.
  • Suspension: A suspension is used in cases where you have misplaced your mobile phone or card, but expect to find it again. The lock deactivates the Citizen Card functionality immediately. You have 10 days time to cancel the suspension. Suspension and cancellation of suspension is possible via telephone under the number 01 715 20 60 only. After the 10 days have passed, the suspension turns automatically into a revocation.

All information on revocation/suspension