Citizen Card - Test Suite

e-card as Citizen Card Discontinued

The new generation of the e-card can no longer be activated as Citizen Card. This applies to all e-cards issued from October 1st, 2019 (as these new cards usually have your photo on it, you can easily recognise them - aside the issuing date).

Also e-cards issued before October 2019 can no longer be activated since December 31st, 2019. Active e-cards remain Citizen Cards until expiry or revocation of the signature certificate, card replacement, respectively.

If you want to activate a chipcard as Citizen Card, you still can order one with A-Trust. Note, however, that with the migration to the new electronic identity E-ID starting in 2021, mobile solutions are aimed at. We suggest to already activate a Mobile Phone Signature which you then can continue to use as such a new E-ID.