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XML Definition of the Person Identity Link

Overview of version 1.2.2 dated 14 February 2005

This Version: http://www.buergerkarte.at/konzept/personenbindung/spezifikation/20050214/

Current version: http://www.buergerkarte.at/konzept/personenbindung/spezifikation/aktuell/

Previous version: http://www.buergerkarte.at/konzept/personenbindung/spezifikation/20040224/

Back to the German specification: http://www.buergerkarte.at/konzept/personenbindung/spezifikation/20050214/Index.html

The Person Identity Link is an integral part of the Citizen Card concept. It is a structure signed by the issuing public authority that assigns a unique identification feature of a person (for example a registration number) to one or more certificates belonging to this person. As such, the person identity link can be used for the unique, automated identification of a person when that person approaches the public authority during the course of a procedure.

XML specification [pdf]
Document specifying the Person Identity Link.
XML schema for the compressed representation [xsd]
XML-Schema for the proposed compressed representation.
ZIP Container [zip]
Contains the specification document, the XML schema for the compressed representation, as well as all XML schemas referenced by the latter.