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Signature/Seal Verification v 2.0.4
Verify document signature/seal
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Please upload a signed/sealed document for verification.
Note : This instance of the signature verification portal is used for testing purposes. This instance is not intended to verify personal or sensitive documents. Refer to the instance of RTR at to verify your documents. During the verification process, this service processes personal data. Depending on the log configuration this data may also be stored temporarily. The certificate usually contains the name of the signer, but can also contain personal information like the date of birth, e-mail addresses or organizational affiliations. Furthermore, every other information submitted to the issuer can be contained in the certificate. This instance is used to analyze and correct errors. For this reason, this instance may log the complete document, depending on the configuration. In the case of an error, it can happen that temporary files wont get deleted instantly. In any case, temporary files will automatically be deleted after 5 days.